Advisory Plus is a leading deal origination company working throughout the UK on behalf of our clients. It specialises in helping private equity funded buy and build projects and can also use its expertise and experience to source one or more targeted deals.

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We are so confident in our ability to find the right opportunities for our clients that all our fees are success based.


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Our strength is in combining targeted research and intelligent client liaison with a focus on facilitating a deal through to closure. Our difference or USP is that we don’t wait for potential sellers or buyers to put themselves forward; we approach them discretely to establish how their exit strategies or expansion plans are developing. This process throws up sellers and buyers who are not on market and who could easily be missed by more conventional search measures.


Our emphasis is on understanding what both the buyers and the sellers want. We strive to understand what the individuals involved want to achieve and what is really important to them. We recognise that selling a business can be an emotional event. Owners will not necessarily want their staff to know what is happening before they choose to tell them. Discretion is therefore essential and built in to the Advisory Plus process at each stage.


We are always polite, never aggressive or pushy and recognise that our actions reflect on the image of our clients. We expect our clients to be proud of how Advisory Plus goes about its business. Advisory Plus will not seek to persuade a business owner that they should sell or expand.


“We found finding potential vendors and getting through to the decision makers was more time consuming and distracting than anticipated. Bringing on board Advisory Plus was a good move. They not only introduced us to a company we acquired but to others who may well sell to us later. We are happy to recommend them.”

Tom Howard and Simon Beart, Co-owners of Guardian Security and Fire Ltd.

“We were approached by Advisory Plus about the possibility of selling our business. Until they called, selling was not an option being considered. It proved to be our best option. I’m glad the Advisory Plus process identified us and that they called. I felt in a stronger position because we had not put the business on the market and the buyer had declared their interest. The new owners of the business have retained me as Managing Director and given me an Equity Share in the company. I am very excited about the future.”

Michael Dixon, Managing Director and former owner of Redcare Communications
“Inevitably when you are pursuing a buy and build strategy you have to increasingly spend time on valuing businesses, negotiations, completing deals and integrating new businesses into the group. Researching potential acquisitions is time consuming, often fruitless and therefore best outsourced. Advisory Plus have provided IVC with a focussed but flexible deal origination service that has delivered good opportunities up and down the country. They are part of our team.”
Nick Rolph, M&A manager for Independent Vet Care
“We specialise in buy and build projects in unconsolidated markets. Finding suitable businesses to bring into a group is a fundamental part of the project. Advisory Plus have helped identify and introduce opportunities on two projects to date. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”
David Lonsdale, August Equity Investment Executive